Activity area at Campus, Umeå

An innovation competition for student teams at Umeå University from various programs and alignments held between September12, 2018 and March 5, 2019.  Below you can learn more about the competition and se the results from two of our contestants who kindly let us showcase their material.
The winning idea

Below you will find the presentation by the winning team, "The Light".

Runner up

Below is a visual and auditory presentation by one of the runners up, "And then there were none".

Soundscape Path - Henrik Bjelkstål & Solya Halleros
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About the competition

Akademiska Hus together with the Baltic Region Project, Nordic Innovation Center (Nord InC) presented the Umeå University campus innovation competition, designed to present an opportunity for cooperation, innovation and inter departmental dialogue.



The pond area located at the heart of campus.


To create an installation or service that promotes and continuously encourages raised physical activity around the pond area of the campus. The solution should cater to all genders, ages (within the University environment), backgrounds and cultures. The concept should preferably embrace the digital and the physical world.


Any group of four to six students representing a minimum of three faculties. There is a web-based application form where you may apply for the competition without a team. Teams will later on be formed from the single applicants.


Criteria for challenge

It should be sustainable

It should preferably be usable in all seasons

It should be easy to access and use (not need complex instruction or an engineering degree to use)


Criteria for judging

The judges will be looking for

  • Aesthetic quality

  • Humor

  • Accessibility

  • Originality

  • Practical application

Jury group
  • Fredrik Nilbrink, RISE (Nord InC´s representative)

  • Richard Olsson, fastighetschef, Umeå universitet

  • Mia Edolfsson, hållbarhetschef Akademiska hus

  • Margareta Ericsson Lif, VD, IKSU

  • Peter Juneblad, näringslivschef, Umeå kommun

  • Joakim Träskelin, utbildare, Folkhälsan Finland (Nord InC´s representative)

  • Thomas Asp, träningschef, Folkhälsan Finland (Nord InC´s representative)

  • Victoria Sörensson, projektsamordnare, externa relationer (ER) vid UmU


Mentor group
  • Johanna Westberg, lokalplanerare, Lokalförsörjningsenheten

  • Nigel Papworth, RISE

  • Pernilla Eriksson, enhetschef, Idrottshögskolan (Nord InC´s representant)

  • Lars Holmström, fastighetsförvaltare, Akademiska hus

  • Olov Bergström, fastighetsutvecklare, Akademiska hus

  • Daniel Nilsson, digitalt utvecklingsansvarig, Livsmedicin vid VLL

Planned mentor meetings are at October 10, December 11 and February 7. Apart from these meetings it will be possible to meet with the mentors if needed.


The competition starts alongside Health at Campus on the 12th of September 2018 and finishes at the spring edition of Health at Campus on  the 5th of March 2019. You may enter the competition at any point between these dates and the entries are to be submitted at the latest, two weeks ahead of the last day of the competition (March 5th).

Preliminary program March 5th

09.30-10.00 Jury meeting

10.00-11.30 Contestant groups present their idea to the jury (30 minutes/group max)

11.30-12.30 Jury deliberation

13.00-13.10 Award ceremony at Aula Nordica


Winning team will get a choice of following two prize alternatives. The sum of the prize is in both cases 40 000 SEK.

Alternative 1

Travel stipendium 25 000 SEK plus 15 000 SEK for implementation of winning idea. If alternative 1 is selected the winners pay statutory taxes associated with the travel stipendium. 

Alternative 2

Implementation the winning idea to a total of 40 000 SEK plus a sign with information about the project and the names of the winning team next to the pond area. 


Each team is to present its entry in the contest at Health at Campus spring 2019 as follows:

Written presentation

In short, describe the challenge, your approach to it and your results. This presentation is to be written according to a template presented at the beginning of the competition.

Visual/audial presentation

Presentation of the concept sketches and/or models that underlie the decisions and solution you have achieved. It includes sketches, physical and /or digital models as well as examples of usage (such as video or audio).

Jury presentation

Here you will have the chance to present your concept to the public as well as answer any questions from the jury. This is planned to take place at the end of the competition.

Why the pond area?

Below a few comments from students at the University of Umeå

  • "We only hang out there when we have a yearly event called Damm-plasket"

  • "I got a rash all over my body after swinning in the pond"

  • "It´s beautiful but kinda funky"

  • "The pond and creek are just a way of dividing campus and providing a sense of location for the students"


Do you want to be a part of our contests? – register yourself and/or your team and we will get back to you if/when we arrange another competition!