Welcome to our network

The hub of our virtual platform is our network database. We are really excited to build a network where all new innovations within the area of physical activity and health can find competence, financial help and professional guidance. Of course we would love to have you aboard and by joining our network you open up to the possibility for meeting new partners for collaboration, finding new ideas or even financing for your innovation.


 The data you supply  for our database will only be available for others after our matching others seeking cooperation and/or collaboration. We will never submit your data to third party without your consent.

Why should I join?


Are you a researcher in the field of physical activity and health or doing research crossing that field? Would you like to expand your own network in your area of competence or perhaps find new and interesting contacts for cooperation? If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions then join Nordic Innovation Center for Physical Activity and Health -network. We well be delighted to have you aboard!


As a company representative we welcome you to our network. Are you looking for new ideas for your production line or do you need the latest research-based facts for your new product? We can help you get in touch with the right competence for your project. If your are a part of our network others may find your company when looking for someone to produce the next best seller of fitness 


Do you have a smashing new idea for a revolutionary new app that will make the whole world get out of their chairs or do you need input regarding best type of fabric for a new smart training jacket? Whatever your needs this network will help you find the perfect partner for your innovation needs.


If you are an educator with a passion for teaching and the process of learning, a professor, a company who works with competence development, our database could create wonderful opportunities for your wants and needs as well as the needs of fellow citizens. We would love to welcome you and your education to our community.


If you can´t identify with any of the above categories but have a great idea to share or just feel you want to be a part of the inspiring network we are happy to welcome you! Just press "Join" and provide us with your information.