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Folkhalsan is an educationalist in physical activity, health and wellbeing. Our main language is Swedish, which makes us the only Swedish speaking organization in this specific area in Finland that is a governmental upheld organization.


Folkhalsan (FH) was founded in 2011 when two educational institutes and one folk high school were merged into one organization, FH. Since 2015 a resource center which aim is to provide individual coaching in study and work preparation, is also a part of FH.

FH has nearly 70 employees and located in Espoo, Voyri and Vaasa, which are all situated in the western part of Finland. Besides educational services, we offer different kinds of short-term studies and degree programmes such as mental coaching, personal training and nutritionist certifications. FH is an active participant in the Finnish board of sports institutes. Our two institutes are among 14 in total in Finland that answer to the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Besides this ongoing and exciting Nord InC project, we are involved in different collaborations with different private and public organizations – nationally and internationally. The focus on Nordic collaborations has always been a hot topic for us and we aim to develop our knowledge and quality along the way of profiling FH as a leading educationalist in our expertise areas.

Education is a powerful thing and knowledge is power in many ways.

Kourtane Olympic Training Center


Kuortane is located in the province of Western Finland in a scenic and is part of the Southern Ostrobothnia region. The municipality is mostly known for the Kuortane Olympic Training Center and the history of pine tar production. Kuortane is also the birthplace of world-famous architect Alvar Aalto.

Our nearest International airport in Vaasa, about 120 km from Kuortane. We will help you organize transportation from Vaasa to Kuortane according with the need of your group.

The Kuortane Olympic Training Center has long operated in developing top international athletes while maintaining world class conditions and know-how. 65 years of experience gives us excellent qualifications to serve international, top-level sports customers.

We have also different types of education for example sportmassage started 35 years ago.
We are arranging shorter and longer wellbeing courses and corporational wellness services.

Kuortane Olympic Training Center has a large variety of facilities, that are suitable for many different sports. In Kuortane Arena, there is a fully equipped weightlifting and  gym complex plus a core room. Arenas central area is 55 x 30 meters with a Taraflex surface for different ball sports and other incidental training such as basketball, tennis, badminton, archery etc. Other OTC  indoor facilities include Ball Sports Hall with wooden floor/6 baskets and a 4-lane 25-metre swimming pool. In Olympic Training Center Area, there are also cross country skiing/running tracks, 12 outdoor tennis courts, 9-hole golf course located 5 km from the center, orienteering trails, 9-hole disk golf course etc.

Kuortane Olympic Training Center provides high level training support facilities so that your training camp could be most successful. Located in the swimming hall, Kuortane OTC has a fully equipped recovery center including water massage devices, contrast therapy pool, steam bath and a gym specially designed for rehabilitation.


All in 1 - Testing as a Training Instrument

One of Finland's best Testing and Consulting Center is located at Kuortane.
At our Testing and Consulting Centre we serve top athletes in all events to develop their performance in a balanced way. With our tests all areas of physical performance can be measured to find out all strengths and possible weaknesses in an athlete's performance spectrum.
Accurate laboratory tests and practical field tests give concrete information about the abilities and development of the athlete. Modern DV-technology helps in analyzing techniques of different sports and gives coaches better information to improve the athlete's technique. This personal feedback helps to optimize an athlete's training throughout the whole year - and throughout the whole career.



Kuortane Olympic Training Center offers different levels of accommodation for single individuals as well as groups and teams. All of our apartments are located in the immediate vicinity of the training facilities on a scenery lake side at Lake Kuortane.

Umeå School of Sport Sciences

The sports educational programmes at Umeå School of Sport Sciences (USSS) are diverse and first class. The scientific research is active and in some areas it is actually defining the international frontline.

In close cooperation with the local municipality, which actively supports sports through modern sports centers, good cooperation with sports organizations and IKSU Sports centre on campus, Umeå School of Sport Sciences is creating Sweden's broadest knowledge and development center within the sports sector.

Umeå University has:

  • The most students among Swedish universities within the sports area (about 800 students).

  • Sweden's broadest educational options within the sports area.

  • Four faculties and a School of Education with research and education within the sports area.

  • A unique policy for combining competitive sports and academic studies.


Region Västerbotten/County Council


County Council activities

The County Council is responsible for health and medical care, dental care, disability operations and public health measures for those residing in the county. The County Council orders and also finances public transport by bus and train between the county’s municipal centre and across county borders. These activities are non-profit-making and financed exclusively by public funding and care fees. The County Council’s responsibilities are outlined in the Swedish Health and Medical Service Act: “Health and medical services are aimed at assuring the entire population of good health and of care on equal terms. Care shall be provided with respect for the equal dignity of all human beings and for the dignity of the individual. Priority for health and medical care shall be given to those whose need of care is greatest”.


Visions and goals

The County Council plan, i.e., the Assembly planning document, specifies the vision, directional goals and strategies for the planned period. The County Council’s vision has high aspirations: “By 2020, Västerbotten will have the best healthcare in the world and the world´s healthiest population.”


Politicians have established the following four directional goals for the County Council:

  • Improved and equal health

  • Good and equal care

  • Active and innovative partners

  • Attractive employers 


The County Council is divided into four county-wide operational areas: primary healthcare, service, dental care and hospital care.