How can Nord InC support you or your company to get what you need to transfer your innovation-ideas to a finished product or service?



We can help you shape your idea and propose a plan on how to proceed.


When you bring your idea to Nord InC we will use our broad network to take your innovation to the next level through different activities such as

Brainstorming/mindmapping through different methods, contextual inquiry and focus groups with lead users, researchers, business developers etc.




Nord InC assists you in pilot- and further stages of development.


We offer help by verifying your idea through market research, literature review and work- shops. Where needed our team may also help by prototyping and clinical research.




We can support you in testing and validating.


At our physical nodes, in Finland and Sweden, we provide a testbed for clinical- user experience- and/or usability testing.




When ready to launch, Nord InC can support market activities and events.


Through our network in Finland and Sweden, Nord InC may assist in strengthening visibility, contributing to information and in other possible ways support commercialization on both sides of the Baltic Sea.


We aim to deliver high quality and will tailor each case. Since the innovation process is iterative and doesn´t follow a straight line, it can and will vary between projects.


Analysis of needs


When you contact Nord InC to help you launch your innovation idea we will start out by making an analysis of needs. With the outcome of the analysis as a platform we will decide how and if we will proceed.

Match of competences

If we proceed with your innovative idea the first thing we will do is get together and make a thorough search through our database to try and match the competences of our network to your project. In our network you will find researchers, educators, companies and, of course, other innovators. We hope to find you relevant partners for collaboration on your innovation.



Depending on your idea this could be developing a prototype or testing the product/service at, for example, a hospital.

What is innovation?


In this video the concept of innovation is explained in short.

The process of innovation


Here the process of innovation is explained in a simple manner.