Project kick-off in Finland

Last week Nord InC held a kick-off in Finland with a variety of companies attending.

The purpose of the kick-off was to take part of great innovation examples in the field of physical activity and health as well as finding new partners for cross-border collaboration.

We had a great time listening to success stories and, together in work shops, finding new solutions for online coaching, motivation for training - beginners and pro´s, and inventing new hi-tech gear.

Thank you to everyone attending our kick off and to our Finnish business partners: Highroller, HUCO Sport, Firstbeat, Mpower, Coach4Pro, Myontech and Gambit. Together we are strong!

Thank you also to the Telemedicine Center for inviting us to their office and showing us their work with health inventions for elderly, and Kuortane Olympic Training Center and Folkhälsan Finland for your hospitality.

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