Don´t get bored with board games!

In this more and more sedentary world being physically active needs to be promoted. To increase physical activity, making it interesting is one of the most important steps. It’s always better to be interested in doing something rather than being forced to do it. There are tons of activities available all over the world. Still we might occasionally feel like there’s nothing that we find interesting. Sometimes we just want to try something completely new. That’s one reason why we always must be innovative, create new things, and offer new challenges for people craving for them. Physical activity and health context is an extremely good platform for those new adventures.

My name is Niko and I work at Nord InC to help companies achieve their full potential when it comes to physically active innovations. Nowadays it is more and more important to gather together and think about smart moves. We have great companies that operate with very different kinds of innovations – in Sweden and Finland. The best thing in this project is to have these companies and people in the same network, and cooperating with each other. In my opinion, that’s how new innovations are born and develop.

I guess most people think that physically active innovations are nowadays always electronic solutions – something you can see on the screen or a measurement device. That’s not always the case. I’d like to introduce a different type of innovation, that has been extremely popular in Finnish schools making pupils more physically active and allowing them to learn more functionally. The concept is Board Games On the Move.

Board Games On the Move are basically the family games that everyone knows. However, game play is more physically active than before. No sitting around the table anymore! These games are experienced through playing, taking chances, and – above all – being physically active. People know the original board games’ ideas so their physically active versions sweep players to play along.

The games are highly motivating and even those who don’t usually like to be physically active might be enjoying these games. Board Games On the Move concept is all about being together, cooperating with each other, and solving problems along with others in a positive atmosphere. The idea behind these games is making inclusion real. It means that basically everyone can take part in playing and that the games are so easy to differentiate that they can be applied to special needs, as well.

The overall ideas of the world-famous board games like Hungry Hippos, Trivial Pursuit, Labyrinth, and Foosball are used in a new way to make them even more interesting to play. Board Games On the Move are weapons against sedentary time and tools for promoting physical activity for all!

Kind regards,

Niko Leppä

Nord InC – Innovations


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