Sustainable lifestyles

National workshop for sustainable lifestyles

The two-day event was organised and hosted by Green Umeå, held at Sliperiet in Umeå.

Nord InC attended the workshop on the second day with the intent of finding collaboration with organisations and companies in the region, aiming at building and developing a faster take and grip on sustainable lifestyles.

One purpose of Nord InC includes promoting physical activity as a core focus-area for supporting and developing sustainable lifestyles across the lifespan. This specific focus tends to be left to the health-sector to deal with. One important aim attending was to communicate physical activity as a resource in the design and change for sustainable lifestyles.

One of the inspiring presentations with the topic -How can entrepreneurship develop through responsibility for sustainable development, was held by Anna Borgeryd, CEO of Polarbrödsgruppen AB. Another one was the presentation by Peter Repinski, Project Manager and Unit Manager at the Stockholm Environment Institute Sweden, Peter talked about - Sustainable lifestyles - from theory to practice. They both emphasized re-design and re-use of existing material and including the work-practice in the making.


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