Memotus joined the Nord InC network

A new digital innovation to prevent sport related injuries!

Mikael Östberg and Simon Dahl, two of the founders of Memotus, have a background as beach volleyball elite and coaches within the same sport. During their carrier, many players from other parts of Sweden sent requests, asking for technique tips or support. Mikael and Simon tried to provide help by video communication but were not very impressed about the existing solutions.

An idea was born, to create an application to enable efficient and improved communication through video messages. Per Jonsson (specialist in physiotherapy) and Marcus Bohlin (specialist in orthopaedics) were included in the team to discuss what could be done within the area of physical activity and health.

The idea resulted in Memotus, an application with the aim to prevent injuries among ordinary people with ailments or pain caused by sports or exercise. By video communication users are provided the possibility to consult leading experts within sports medicine. The experts could provide valuable advice on how to treat pain or other symptoms at an early stage.

Today Memotus have a team including 10 experts (doctors and physiotherapists) that are all connected to the national team within various sports. According to plan Memotus will be available for download in Appstore at the end of February.

Memotus decided to join the Nord InC network to get in contact with more experts, partners for cooperation or people with a general interest of digital innovations within physical activity and health. “It seems Nord InC and Memotus have many similarities, for instance we both aim to make evidence based expertise accessible through digital solutions. For us it would be valuable to meet early adopters, people who enjoy testing new innovations and give us feedback to improve the application. I believe Nord InC will provide us valuable contacts!” said Mikael Östberg.

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