All children's right to movement

- from recommendation to action!

Three members of the Nord InC team attended the regional conference hosted by The County Council of Västerbotten (VLL). An intensive day sharing experiences and results from practice and research where we shared our experiences of Physical literacy. Through collaboration with Change the Game, we invited participants to join our network and initiated future collaboration with companies and organisations in the region. With these organisations we share the same focus of enhancing opportunities for young, grown-ups and elderly to be physically active in all possible settings. We especially like to mention the work by teachers and their co-workers at a school in Tärnaby, Skytteanska, research results shared by Carl-Johan Sundberg from Karolinska Institutet on the benefit of being physical active and Kim Wickman associate professor at Umeå Universitet School of Education and her research on physical activity and self-efficancy in children with disabilities.

At the end of the day we went home tired but inspired.


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