First meeting with steering group

An entire year has passed since we started the Nord InC project and we take notice that our hard work has paid off and moved the project forward. On the 23rd of January, the Nord InC project group had it´s first meeting with the steering group to present what has been done so far and what we have planned for the future.

Represented were Umeå Municipality, Sensus, Sport Up North, Kuortane Municipality and Kustösterbottens Företagare. All project parts in Nord InC were represented and a video link connected the participants between Finland and Sweden.

At the end of the meeting Helena and Fredrik, from the project group, hosted a workshop where we were given an example of how Nord InC can work with the method of personas in the innovation process.

Hosting this kind of set up is always a challenge and given the video conference and two countries with three spoken languages the result was surprisingly good. We have clearly learned something during the first year, struggling with tech-meetings and processes of innovation.

It was our pleasure to meet up and we have now made plans on how our collaboration can be taken one step further during the remaining time of the project. We look forward to meet again!

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