Nord InC cooperates with the first Scandinavian 3D printing WASP Hub

In the beginning of 2018, the first Scandinavian WASP Hub - a 3D printing and digital fabrication makerspace - was launched in Scharinska Villan, Umeå. That same building hosts Umeå based Nord InC partner RISE Interactive studio, for which the WASP Hub will reinforce their design-research approach that strongly focuses on making and prototyping.

The WASP Hub is an initiative and makerspace that invites everyone to explore, experiment and learn about 3D manufacturing. WASP 3D printers are state of the art digital fabrication machines that can print materials such as PLA, ABS, PET and perhaps more interesting is its capability to print clay/ceramics, wood-based material and concrete.

WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) was created in 2012 in Italy. The project focused on developing 3D printing and that finds its roots in the world of Open-source, trying to give and put into circulation know-how and tools. WASP manufactures solid professional printers with the aim to encourage sustainable development and in-house production.

For the Nord InC project this means even more direct and professional ways of stimulating innovation by being able to rapidly prototype ideas and host creative workshops. In the North of Sweden, RISE, WASP and 4D Nordic form together with many other creatives, companies and makers a global network that provides access to additive manufacturing and share the vision to activate and enable communities by giving everyone a chance to make their own creations.


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