Nord InC 15 month progress report

It has now been 15 months since the initiation of Nord InC and soon we are halfway through the project. Nord InC is financed by the Interreg program, Botnia Atlantica and at the moment, the project group is summarizing the third period for reporting to first level control. We are getting familiar with the routine by now.

As of today, the base of the competence center is completed and the virtual node infrastructure is online with the network database and communicative website in focus. The physical nodes are forming by an increase of technical devices used in research, development and testing.

There has also been a “mapping” of competence within the project. The project group has routed an innovation process and decided upon which cases to first take on in the innovation program. We are utterly excited to follow the progress and promise more updates soon.

Nord InC is cofinanced by Västerbottens läns landsting, Österbottens förbund and Region Västerbotten.

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