Validate your innovation or research

Testbeds are not just a technical issue, they are necessary by helping developers and researchers better understand the user or population needs in collaboration with the end user. Our testbed is integrated in a full scale system with cutting edge technology that provides excellent possibilites for visualisation, education and behavioural communication. The goal is to shorten the process between idea as well as innovation and development and provide a platform where new, commercial services and products of importance to the population can be developed. 

Below you can learn more about the possibilities we offer at our testbeds in Finland and Sweden.

Are you running a development or research project and want to use our expertise and resources? Please do not hesitate to contact us!


In Umeå we offer three types of testbeds; laboratory, constructed/simulated user environment and real user environment. In our digital laboratory we can create new, and develop existing services and products which later may be tested in isolated, artificial and controllable environments. In the simulated user environment we offer tests in life like environment that still is controllable. In the real user environment technique and concept can be tested right where it is intended to be used.

As a complement to our testbed we can also offer a wide range of testing equipment such as:

  • Functional tests

    • Grip strength

    • Balance measuring

    • Gait analysis

  • Body composition

    • Bone mass, muscles and fat (iDXA)

    • Bone density (pQCT)

    • Muscle and fat (bioimpedance)

  • Sampling

    • Blood tests

    • Blood pressure

    • Anthropometry (length, weight, waistline etc)

    • Sample management (centrifuge, freezer storage -80°C)

  • Activity measurement

    • Objective motion measurement (accelerometry)

    • Fitness measurement (ergometercycle)

    • Rating scales (IPAQ)

    • Activity app for iOS and Android

  • Prototyping Facilities

    • 3D printers

    • Laser cutters

    • Wood workshop

    • Electronic workshop

    • Sound Studio

  • Meeting Facilities

    • Lectures

    • Workshops

    • Rating scales (IPAQ)

    • Seminars

    • Video conference equipment




All in 1 - Testing as a Instrument for better performance or wellbeing.


One of Finland's best Testing and Consulting Center is located at Kuortane OTC.


At our Testing and Consulting Centre we serve top athletes and fitness enthusiasts as well as developing their performance in a balanced manner. With our tests all areas of physical performance can be measured to locate all strengths and possible weaknesses in a performance spectrum. With Firstbeat-tests we can also monitor a person’s physical load, recovery/stress level and sleep quality.


Accurate laboratory tests and practical field tests give concrete information about the abilities and development of the athlete and fitness enthusiast. Modern DV-technology helps in analyzing techniques and movements of different sports and activities. This personal feedback helps optimizing your effort to be a better athlete or to promote your wellbeing.

Add testing to your training or physical exercising to get the best possible results!

The list of the different tests, Kuortane Olympic Training Center offers
All the prices include VAT. Written reports are also included.

  • Endurance tests

    • Indirect submaximal and maximal ergometer test (exercise bicycle)

    • Threshold test (running test)             

    • Conconi –running test

    • UKK-walk test                    

    • Direct treadmill test (the analysis of gases incl.) 

    • Direct ergometer test (the analysis of gases incl.)

Other strength and speed tests – please contact us!

  • Well-being

    • Firstbeat – stress and recovery analysis (sleep analysis incl.)

    • Energy test 

    • Tanita – body composition test 

    • Dexa – the test of bone density and body composition